The Angelic Diamond White Purity Andara Range

Called the “Crystals of the Masters”, the Andara are multidimensional elemental beings, assisting us as sacred flames of Divinity to connect multidimensionally and expand our consciousness. They express atomically/monatomically in aligning and connecting us to our Higher Selves and Multidimensional Selves and timelines of our Highest Potential. Additionally they synchronize our work flow in both the dream state and awakening states for greater levels of joy, passion and purpose.

The Angelic Diamond White Purity Andara assist us in expanding our frequency through detoxification, purification, and cellular clearing, as we release old addictions and collapse and dissolve old earth timelines and all that no longer works for us. These beautiful Andara further assist us to align to our greatest joy through the observational awareness of the Witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am, in all that we express and share as co-creators to our universe.

Essentially the Angelic Diamond White Purity Andara assists us to let go of all that's not working in our lives and to streamline our focus. And with this, to experience all that is Highest Aligned; to be able to jump timelines, and to be able to expand our consciousness to the frequency and energy of what we are creating or co creating with the Pureness of our Light, our Innocence, and our Divinity. Jumping timelines is an art we master as we deepen into zero-point. For all timelines eventually merge into one, and time as we know it, no longer exists for us in the flow of New Earth.

However, to experience this unfolding of all Soul aligned through our Purity and Innocence, we dissolve, collapse and restructure in each Now moment, in order to master multiple dimensions and to anchor and activate these realities fully from within.

We call this our “waking meditative states”, previously experienced in the dream time or meditation. We feel into the Truth of all that presents as we continuously create our timelines through what was previously invisible within the Quantum realms.

In this process of Soul embodiment, with our ego ascending and or higher selves descending, all is based on our frequency, our purity and our vibration. As our higher consciousness DNA activates, we move from one passageway to the next through our ability to choose all that is highest aligned, soul aligned as pure presence.

You are invited now to receive a beautiful 11-minute sonic Andara Wholeness Activation.

You will be connected to the Angelic Diamond White Purity Andara and the Archangels, and as you experience this sonic frequency activation and the power of this beautiful sacred geometric Andara Healing Grid, every sub-atomic particle within your beingness will be infused with deepening levels of your Divinity, to amplify your frequency, expand your consciousness and experience all that is Soul aligned.




Anrita Melchizedek




The Andara Crystals call us when we are ready. Each one holds a different multidimensional frequency and facet of Unity Consciousness. Some are Gatekeepers or Grid Keepers or Healing Beings, some assist in Galactic and/or Quantum Field Communication and yet others assist with Body Work, Chakra Clearing, Rebalancing or Healing and all amplify the qualities of New Earth from within.

When you hold one of the Andara Crystals, you may often feel this holographic rebalancing, like a mini hologram of the universal hologram, activating within and around the body and energy field. And when you hold the Andara Crystal up in natural sunlight, you will often see dolphins or whales or star beings or rainbows as they further change color, frequency and shape.

Each Andara Crystal or Andara Pendant you receive is lovingly chosen for you and has been activated through natural sunlight and essential oil blends as well as being programmed through the Overlighting of many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High.

And of course, are all very deeply loved and appreciated.

They further bring forth their own unique energies through the Andara Healing Grids and Crystal Bowl Sonic Frequency Activations.

In receiving your Andara Crystal Pendant or Andara Crystal, I choose this for you, although you can specify a particular range. 

We provide Macrame Pendants, as well as clasp Pendants, silver and gold plated, plus Andara Crystals. and personalized orders.

In tuning in through your name, a particular Andara speaks to me as I place my hands over each Andara range.

I look forward to tuning in and seeing which Andara Crystal or Pendant wants to work and play with you, beloved heart.   For personalized orders, email

We are in the process of creating our beautiful Andara Essence range. It is a very powerful range, and I will look forward to sharing this with.








New Earth Guide, Soul Reader, Intuitive Apothecarist,  Light Weaver, Visionary, Wayshower, Gate Keeper, Grid Keeper, and Andara Custodian.

As an Ascension Guide, Anrita draws upon the Light Codes of Highest Potentiality from within as well through the New Earth Templates in the form of sacred geometry, sound, color, and frequency, and transmits and shares these frequency codes through her Light work. Her primary gift is assisting the Light Tribe to weave their codes of potentiality and Soul expansion into their greatest expression of Service in Love through reading the collective blueprints of the I Am Avatar Consciousness, the Higher Selves of all awakened Souls.

Her greatest joy is to be of service in Love.

What others have to say about Anrita & the Andaras

“Love, Love my Andara Crystal Pendant, thank you so much my darling Anrita. My son also loves the Light Codes of his incredible Andara Crystal Pendant, which is currently changing color and energy to match his vibration. So powerful and amazing. We can really feel the energies. Thank you Anrita. So grateful for you.” 

Adie S

Dearest Anrita,

Just wanted to get in touch to thank you and to saying that I am really enjoying the energy of my new pendent!

Since receiving the pendant, I now feel a deeper sense of connection with my own love and joy which I am loving.

I have also felt more confident in my spiritual work which is an additional blessing.

This experience has definitely converted me to an appreciation of Andara crystals too.

Thanks again.

Very Best Wishes


Jonathan H

“Thank you so much for my beautiful Andara Crystals dear Anrita. They are on my altar. It is amazing. It is like the Andara Crystals have always been there, balancing the energy of my Angel crystals. It is absolutely stunning. They are bringing up for me what I am still needing to clear. I am just allowing these old beliefs to surface and dissolve as the new presents. I am so incredibly grateful.”

Liesl N

Hi Anrita,

I received my beautiful Andara’s just after Christmas. 

Thank you for the additional blue/clear one. That was so very intuitive of you. 

The green Andara really got my attention. 

I love them.

Thank you.


Lisa J

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship my Andara Crystal/Pendant?

Usually orders go out weekly  or every second week via courier. You should receive it within 3 weeks.


Do I pay extra for shipping?

 Yes, courier is $44.

Is there any special attention I need to give my Andara Crystal?

Yes, absolutely. We have worked with your Andara Crystal/Pendant to activate it. To maintain this frequency, you do need to understand it is a "light being" and requires water for cleansing, sunlight for charging, and night lights.

Mostly though, keep it with you, chat to it, caress it, sleep with it and work with it. You will notice changes within a couple of weeks as it communicates with you and takes on new patterns and light codes, depending on what you are needing.


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