Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Practitioner Training
Wholeness Attunements with Anrita Melchizedek

Sunday January 14th – 10am PT, 11am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET, 6pm GMT

London/Lisbon 6pm, Johannesburg 8pm, LA 10am, New York 1pm, Sydney 5am (January 15th), Auckland 7am (January 15th)

$144(Approximately €132/£114/R2700)

Beloved heart, should you be interested in being a Practitioner to the Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades, you will be able to offer  one-on-one sessions, online or in person or with the Pleiadian Chi Ball Attunements to your Light Tribe.

Following your training, you will be provided with a Pleiadian Photonic Light Healing Attunements Manual documenting each ailment focused on in each Attunement,  and a clear understanding as to how you can use this manual using the Pleiadian Chi Ball Attunements.


We will show you how to use Kinesiology and to Pendulum, to tune in more deeply to each of your Soul Clients



We will provide a template for your website page  to promote these Attunements



You will receive a Q&A Zoom Support Session with Anrita Melchizedek within a couple of weeks of the Practitioner Training.


We will further be working with a beautiful Andara Crystal frequency of encoded Pleiadian Blue Diamond White Photonic Light, and these Andara are also available as beautiful pendants.


These Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Wholeness Attunements will assist you to:


Upgrade the Physical Body energetically to bring online the Templates of Perfect Health, Well-Being and More


Resolve and dissolve and expand beyond the old frequencies, densities, toxicities and more


Express all from the Loving Heart


Deepen into the Quantum Field and connect to many of your Galactic Higher Selves


Connect to beautiful Healing Teams and Pleiadian Emissaries of Light on the Inner Planes


Re-Write, Recode and expand your Consciousness through the Heart of Love


Bring online your Crystalline Light Body with deepening levels of Soul Merging and Photonic Light


We look so forward to having you join us beautiful heart in this powerful Practitioner Training with your guide Anrita Melchizedek.


JOIN US Sunday January 14th at 10am PT/1pm ET. 



See you soon.




Anrita Melchizedek


Beloved heart, you are invited to join us in these powerful Physical Body Upgrades and Photonic Light Wholeness/Healing Attunements, Overlighting by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light.

The Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light have stepped forward at this pivotal moment of Humanity’s Forward Evolution, directing the flow of Photonic Light into the ionosphere for the purpose of propelling us deeper into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Photons are particles of light vibrating to the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. They usually range from low frequency waves to gamma rays. Gamma rays hold much more energy than low frequency rays, so the effect of our sacred earth immersed within the Photonic Light expands our consciousness, as it does for all Life upon this sacred earth.

Our cells are also connected to this sea of subatomic energy. It is known that our cells receive, store, and emit quantum packets of Photonic Light. We could say Photonic Light is the most important invisible nutrient of our existence, activating every single biochemical process in our body.  And that a lack of  Photonic Light will create dis-ease.  Ultimately, the true essence of Who We Are is LIGHT.

​The Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades are powerful Wholeness/Healing Attunements transmitted by the Pleiadians using Blue and Diamond White Photonic Light that take us deep into the physical body to unlock the Light Codes of our Divine Blueprint to Perfect Health and to bring online our Crystalline Light Body as we expand into the fifth dimension and beyond. The fifth dimension is a realm of Light, centered through the heart chakra of Gaia that we call New Earth, a vibratory frequency and interconnected web of energy that connects us as One Heart as the Light of God We Are.

As we neutralize, release, and expand beyond everyday stressors such as toxins, traumas, harmful electromagnetic frequencies,  fear, anger, resentment and blame as well as the corresponding inflammation and physical pain, we are able to restore, re-write and re-program from within whilst further developing a deepening intuitive connection to our bodies as our Temples of Light. Additionally, the Pleiadian support includes energetic supplements, minerals, vitamins and more, as is needed in each Now moment. ​

Our Ascension/Decension process is focused on shifting dimensionally in embodying our Higher Selves. Initially we expand in consciousness, which we call our Spiritual Ascension, and then physically, which is our Physical Ascension. As each sub-atomic particle within our body experiences a resonance of Divine Love and Light, we expand vibrationally and then physically, beyond dis-comfort and dis-ease, with each sub-atomic particle further shifting from carbon to silica and the crystalline consciousness. With this, our physical body becomes our Light Body.

The Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrade Wholeness Attunements opens the gateways within to New Earth through activating the Light Codes of our Divinity. Essentially, these Wholeness Attunements assist in fine tuning our frequency through directing the Photonic Light Infusions, brought forth through our Higher Selves, into each body part and organ. This further activates the DNA to re-write the Codes of Wellness, in resonance and frequency, as we move through these so-called “ascension symptoms” and physical discomfort and expand into our Light Body.

To start these powerful Light Body Upgrades, we activate our Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield to amplify our Light frequency and prepare for the programming of the Light Codes of Perfect Health.

The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield is a sphere of Light radiating around the body and energy field 77 feet in diameter around us, with an inner energy sphere approximately 7.2 feet in diameter around us. The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light recalibrates and restructures the lower bodies, organs and body parts in particular light frequencies, sacred geometry and sonic vibrations, to bring about rejuvenation, healing and rebalancing. Additionally, the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light protects us from environmental toxins, polluted energies and harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Following this, we receive the Pleiadian Photonic Light Wholeness Activations with conscious intent, in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the physical/etheric body. 

The Wholeness Attunements we will focus on are:

The Digestive System

Circulatory System

Breathing System





Immune System

Locomotor Systems

Isolated Symptoms

Lymphatic System

Nervous System

Reproductive System

Skin and Skin Excretions


Urinary System


These are very powerful Photonic Light Wholeness Attunements, and within each attunement are approximately 10-100 plus specific ailments, which we clear, re-program, re-align and re-write with simple affirmations, as we nurture and Love, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Lastly, we will end with an Axiatonal Alignment Activation and Crystalline Light Body Activation.

Further to this we will be working with beautiful Andara frequencies, and in this instance, the Pleiadian Blue Diamond White Photonic Healing Light.

Join us beloved heart in these powerful Wholeness Attunements. 

Recordings will be available in video format, plus Mp3, with and without background music.

You are also invited to join us for the Practitioner Training, where you will be able to offer the Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Wholeness Attunements to your own Light Tribe.


Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades


Live on Zoom with Anrita Melchizedek

(Includes the two hour Masterclass)


Sunday January 14th at 10am PT/1pm ET

$144 (Approximately €134/£120)



Following my participation in the Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Masterclass all the discomfort and pain I was having with the lower bone area on my right leg is completely gone. The pain was debilitating. I walked around with a lidocaine patch for almost three weeks. It stopped me from walking properly and I was suffering.

Anrita, I truly believe that the Pleiadian Photonic Light Body Upgrades therapy as I call it, works and it really does do wonders to the body as a whole and to the mind as well. I have participated in other masterclasses and training before and I feel it is such a service to humanity and it is just so uplifting and beneficial to anyone who participates. 


Such an extraordinary Healing… thank you dear Priestess for this dimensional Activation and Attunement… I hold in outstretched hand my burning Heart to Light the Way. It is so Honoring to be in this exquisite celestial Company that harmonizes overlaying embodiments. Our Body is a wonderful transceiver of the Divine. 

 That was absolutely beautiful and deeply healing beloved Anrita 🙏  very deeply grateful . I felt a lot transforming and releasing and I'm looking forward to going through it again. I loved working with the Chi balls and I really loved this healing focus. A wonderful one to experience as a Practitioner 🙏💝 

Bless you Anrita

I felt it to be so healing for us as a family of light right now. A very deep healing experience working with the Photonic Light and will use it regularly for soul healing 🙏 Deep gratitude from all of us to you for you beloved Anrita

 Thank you for these Pleiadian Photonic Light Wholeness Attunements and providing sacred space for deep connection to the physical body. 🙏✨

The Andara Crystals call us when we are ready. Each one holds a different multidimensional frequency and facet of Unity Consciousness. Some are Gatekeepers or Grid Keepers or Healing Beings, some assist in Galactic and/or Quantum Field Communication and yet others assist with Body Work, Chakra Clearing, Rebalancing or Healing and all amplify the qualities of New Earth from within.

When you hold one of the Andara Crystals, you may often feel this holographic rebalancing, like a mini hologram of the universal hologram, activating within and around the body and energy field. And when you hold the Andara Crystal up in natural sunlight, you will often see dolphins or whales or star beings or rainbows as they further change color, frequency and shape.

Each Andara Crystal or Andara Pendant you receive is lovingly chosen for you and has been activated through natural sunlight and essential oil blends as well as being programmed through the Overlighting of many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High.

And of course, are all very deeply loved and appreciated.

In receiving your Andara Crystal Pendant or Andara Crystal, I choose this for you, although you can specify a particular range. 

We provide Macrame Pendants, as well as clasp Pendants, silver and gold plated, plus Andara Crystals.

In tuning in through your name, a particular Andara speaks to me as I place my hands over each Andara range.

I look forward to tuning in and seeing which Andara Crystal or Pendant wants to work and play with you, beloved heart.      If you may like you a personalized order or larger pieces, you can email with your request.

We further have a beautiful Andara Essence range. It is a very powerful range, and I will look forward to sharing this with.







About Anrita Melchizedek

New Earth Guide, Soul Reader, Intuitive Apothecarist,  Light Weaver, Visionary, Wayshower, Gate Keeper, Grid Keeper, and Andara Custodian.

As an Ascension Guide, Anrita draws upon the Light Codes of Highest Potentiality from within as well through the New Earth Templates in the form of sacred geometry, sound, color, and frequency, and transmits and shares these frequency codes through her Light work. Her primary gift is assisting the Light Tribe to weave their codes of potentiality and Soul expansion into their greatest expression of Service in Love through reading the collective blueprints of the I Am Avatar Consciousness, the Higher Selves of all awakened Souls.

Her greatest joy is to be of service to all.

What others have to say about Anrita & the Andaras

“Love, Love my Andara Crystal Pendant, thank you so much my darling Anrita. My son also loves the Light Codes of his incredible Andara Crystal Pendant, which is currently changing color and energy to match his vibration. So powerful and amazing. We can really feel the energies. Thank you Anrita. So grateful for you.” 

Adie S

Dearest Anrita,

Just wanted to get in touch to thank you and to saying that I am really enjoying the energy of my new pendent!

Since receiving the pendant, I now feel a deeper sense of connection with my own love and joy which I am loving.

I have also felt more confident in my spiritual work which is an additional blessing.

This experience has definitely converted me to an appreciation of Andara crystals too.

Thanks again.

Very Best Wishes


Jonathan H

“Thank you so much for my beautiful Andara Crystals dear Anrita. They are on my altar. It is amazing. It is like the Andara Crystals have always been there, balancing the energy of my Angel crystals. It is absolutely stunning. They are bringing up for me what I am still needing to clear. I am just allowing these old beliefs to surface and dissolve as the new presents. I am so incredibly grateful.”

Liesl N

Hi Anrita,

I received my beautiful Andara’s just after Christmas. 

Thank you for the additional blue/clear one. That was so very intuitive of you. 

The green Andara really got my attention. 

I love them.

Thank you.


Lisa J

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At this time we use PayPal, which also offers an option for credit card payments for some countries should you not have a PayPal account.

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How do I access the Masterclass?

Our Masterclass is held live on Zoom and on signup, you will receive a zoom  link to join us.

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You will receive a download link within 24 hours of the Masterclass.

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How long does it take to ship my Andara Crystal/Pendant?

Usually orders go out every couple of weeks, and should be received within 2-4 weeks.

Do I pay extra for shipping?

 Yes, courier is $44

Is there a tracking number?

Yes,however due to high volumes we will not email you the tracking number and for the most part you will not need it.

Is there any special attention I need to give my Andara Crystal?

Yes, absolutely. We have worked with your Andara Crystal/Pendant to activate it. To maintain this frequency, you do need to understand it is a "light being" and requires water for cleansing, sunlight for charging, and fairy lights occasionally at night.

Mostly though, keep it with you, chat to it, caress it, sleep with it and work with it. You will notice changes within a couple of weeks as it communicates with you and takes on new patterns and light codes, depending on what you are needing.


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